How It Works

How to get started?

Business (Client) onboarding process
» Online client agreement submitted to PayCentral™
» Unique profile number created
» Username and password generated
» Email sent to client to activate the profile

How to get money into your profile?

Payment of funds into profile by client
» Invoice generated by PayCentral™
» Client EFTs money into bank trust account using unique profile number as the mandatory
recipient reference
» Unique profile number allows bank to allocate the money to the matching client profile
on PayCentral™ portal
» Client profile balance reflects on portal and cards ready for instant load

How to order and issue PayCentral™ cards?

Card linking and allocation
» Cards purchased (Online or manual process)
» Cards dispatched to client via courier
» Batch of cards will be linked to the clients profile by PayCentral™ and will be listed in cards inventory
» Cards allocated to employee by client (Name, Mobile number, ID/Passport number)
» Card issued to employee based on allocation
» Cards ready to be loaded by client positive balance in profile is necessary


Spending money using your PayCentral™ card
» Card issued to employee by employer
» Limited FICA (ID/Passport) for Cash Card Products
» Once card is loaded with money, a load sms will notify cardholder of deposit.
» Card is ready to use
» Card accepted at all MasterCard/Visa terminals
» Card linked to PayCentral™ mobile app to manage card
» Value added services and online purchases can be made using certain products